Discover the genuine testimonials from members of our community who have personally witnessed the life-altering potential of the Live Your Yoga program.

“The personal growth I have experienced over the 13 weeks has been incredible. I not only have a good understanding of the ethical principles and teachings, I have a much better understanding of myself. This course encourages you to peel back the layers and really look at the core of who you are and how you show up in the world. I am so much more aware of my patterns and behaviours now, I have solid practices which support me each day and I feel a real sense of commitment to myself which I didn’t necessarily feel before.”

Lindsey Holland, LYL 13 Week Graduate December 2021

“I came out of the program with a deeper understanding of who I am and what yoga can offer. It truly is transformational. I’d recommend it to all seekers :)”

Desiree Wolfarth, LYL 13 Week Graduate June 2022

“I signed up for this program to learn more about the yama and niyama. It was everything I hoped for and more. Through it I found a renewed sense of inner wisdom, a deepened meditation practice and an amazing circle of support. Lauren is a fantastic teacher and the thought, compassion and wisdom she has put into organizing the program shows. I'd recommend to anyone who is interested in meditation or yoga!”

Mackenzie Pitt, LYL 13 Week Graduate June 2022

“I signed up because I wanted to deep in the principles of the Yoga and to keep sharing my spiritual journey within a community that had the same goal towards a conscious exploration. This program helped me to reinforce my meditation practice, made me aware of my strengths and gave me direction to explore my creativity in order to start to manifest what I am envisioning as my life's project. It helped me to gain confidence and courage to take important steps forward.”

Eliona Félix, LYL 13 Week Graduate June 2022

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